At Love of Dance Academy, dancer satisfaction is paramount to us. Every decision we make, is with their best interests at heart. Having said this, there are some rules that we have put into place to prioritise them. One of these rules is that we only allow spectators to watch class once a term – at the end of the term. We call this Spectators’ Week.

During Spectators’ Week, we allow absolutely everyone to come and watch class – parents, family, friends or neighbours. This takes place at the end of the term so that parents may be pleasantly surprised by their child/ren’s improvement and can see everything that we have worked on during that term.

Another reason why we do not allow parents (or anyone else), to watch, is for the comfort our dancers. Some dancers are extremely shy and prefer not to attend or won’t perform when there are spectators. It is our responsibility and privilege to create a safe space where all dancers can feel comfortable to explore with movement. Some of our dancers (especially the young ones) are easily distractible and find it difficult to focus on the teacher when there are other people present – especially Mommy or Daddy – as they then want to interact with them. In order to be as efficient as possible during the time that we have with our dancers, it is best if we have 100% of their attention.

Parents may ask, “How would I then know if Love of Dance Academy is the right place for my child if I am not allowed to watch class”? We allow parents to watch their child’s first free trial class so that they may know exactly what to expect from our classes and our instructors. To further set a parent’s mind at ease, read our many five star reviews and watch our interview videos with our clients. Every Spectators’ Week, as well as our annual showcase, is a wonderful opportunity for parents to watch their children dance and to remind themselves why they chose us to play this important role in their children’s lives. The smiles on our dancer’s faces as they leave the studio is also a pretty good indication of how they feel about their dance classes and their instructors 🙂

See you at our next Spectators’ Week!