Classes based only on a dancer’s age group – Yay or Nay

People, especially kids, often have a negative connotation to the concept of being a beginner and are, therefore, sometimes, very reluctant and discouraged to start from the bottom and work their way up. They mostly – with very few exceptions – are adamant to dance with kids their own age. This is understandable; however, we have the knowledge and the experience to know that every child should be treated as an individual and that this is for their own benefit.

Just because a child is 12 years old, does not necessarily mean that being in a class with other 12-year-olds will be most beneficial to their growth as a dancer. It also won’t be the most enjoyable experience for them or their classmates. Remember, those other 12-year-olds have been dancing for 6 to 8 years. One cannot expect to walk in as a beginner and keep up with the experienced. I wish parents would always explain this to their children because it is a life lesson. Nowhere in life will you walk in and start at the top. You work your way up, bit by bit.

This is why we look at every child individually and ask the following questions:

* Does the dancer have previous dance experience? If so, how many years, what dance style/s, how recently have they done this? This will impact which class/es that we recommend to them. PS* There is a class for everyone. Previous dance experience is not required at Love of Dance Academy.

* Which class will push the dancer whilst still allowing them to have fun? In other words, which class will give them the best opportunity to improve without losing their love of dance in the process?

* Which class won’t have the dancer playing catch up every lesson making them and their fellow dancers feel uncomfortable and annoyed?

* How is the dancer coping with the recommended class? Perhaps we should move them one level up or one level down? We continuously monitor our dancer’s progress as well as all the above aspects and recommend changes if necessary.

We do not believe that it is correct to automatically assume the best class for a dancer only based on their age. We will never believe this is an efficient system.

Let’s teach our kids life lessons that will benefit them in the long term instead of trying to satisfy their immediate wishes. Let’s stop with instant gratification. It’s so much more satisfying if you’ve earned it anyway 😉