Simply for the love of dance!


Love of Dance Academy

Love of Dance Academy is a dance company with a unique and uplifting approach. At LODA, we aim to share, create and grow the love and passion that we have for dance with as many people as possible in an environment that is safe and free of judgment. Throughout our years of dancing and teaching others to dance, we have stumbled upon this as our purpose.

We offer Contemporary Dance (including Modern, Jazz, Contemporary), Hip Hop, Ballet, Stretching, Adult classes, Wedding Couple Classes and more. The founder and owner, Nicola Sievers, chose this name as this is exactly what it is all about — the love of dance. It's not about awards and accolades, it's about creating something that we believe in and sharing it with the world.

We teach people of all ages and genders — no previous dance experience required.

Head over to our contact page — we'd love to meet you and invite you to join our dance family.


In a nutshell

We would love to create an environment where people of all ages feel free to express themselves. We always encourage students to concentrate on their own positives rather than negatives and to compliment others.

Our approach to running this company is very modern and professional - we believe this is one of the things that set LODA apart from most other dance schools. Our focus is on allowing students to discover and grow their love of dance whilst having fun. We treat each student as an individual – not expecting the same from everyone, but rather allowing them to set their own goals. We wish to instil confidence as well as self-acceptance.

We teach our students to respect one another. We teach children to behave in class and we do not tollerate bullying - we believe if we teach children the right values in class, it will carry through to other areas of their lives. This ability to bring about positive change is what inspires us to do what we do.

Thank you for your time and dedication to this amazing dancing studio. Congrats on a wonderful, successful show on Saturday . We look forward to many more with you and the girls loved every minute of the day. Thank you for your professionalism and enthusiastic attitude always.

Michelle Penlington


We had a wonderful experience with Love of Dance Academy. They make you feel so comfortable and right at home. Our wedding dance was so beautiful and classy. Thank so much girls.

Charl Van Der Merwe

Wedding Couple

It's so refreshing to have an organized dance teacher.

Annelien de Jager


Baie, baie dankie vir al jou moeite en harde werk gister en deur die jaar met Kaylin. Sy lewe vir haar dans en jy is haar hero!!! Dankie dat jy so goed is vir haar.

Elrese Esterhuizen


Baie dankie vir 'n wonderlike jaar en alles wat jy vir Jayde geleer het. Jy is 'n ware inspirasie vir haar.

Bianca Gruen